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If you're sick of using the same old wallpapers on your Android, PaperSplash is a great way to find amazing wallpapers for your smartphone.

One of the best things about PaperSplash is that new images are added every day. So you can browse what's new and decide if you want to set any of them as your smartphone's wallpaper.

PaperSplash makes sure to give credit to photographers; just tap on any of the images to see the name of the photographer who took it. It's also worth mentioning that all the wallpapers are organized into three categories according to upload date.

PaperSplash is a great app with hundreds of images and all kinds of subjects, such as nature, animals, city life, weather, and more. No matter which image you choose, it already has the perfect definition and dimensions to be used as a wallpaper on any smartphone.
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Requires Android 5.0 or higher